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James Beach

611 Hillview Place

Rockford, Michigan 49341

Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm EST

(702) 560-4652


A little bit about me:


This is a hobby to me now not a business any more, I have worked with locks and keys ever sťance I was 7 years old and worked a lot with my uncle with his excavator business and loved it all in 1981 I started my locksmith business and was the owner operator until 2003 when I was forced to close it due to health reasons now I'm handicapped and disabled so I have setup my old business web page here with my collection of equipment keys that I have been collecting ever sťance I was 10 years old and decided to get aftermarket, factory originals or code cut them and sell them for a little extra money and to give me something to do and help out with bills I have now. I'm putting my collection up online here for others to use as reference and for Information purposes if you have one that I don't have in my collection please let me know and if have an extra copy or the key code that you can spare I would be interested in it to add to my collection and my web page here just email me and lets see if we can work out a deal for it, or if you have any information on the keys that I have listed that I don't have or have wrong Please Let Me Know.

Others that have helped me with keys and information:


Richard Ferris (My Uncle)

Roy Switzer

and several others that did not want to be listed here.

Pictures that have been sent to me of equipment: You May send a picture of your equipment to

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Sent In By:


Sent In By:



John Deere

Lawn Mower key

Sent In By

Jack Connors

Hannix Mini exavator,,accually a Nissan,and mostly Mitsubisi engine


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